Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the talking speedometer...not really! ;)

driving to the airport, having woken at an ungodly 5 am (ok, things could have been much worse, I'll admit), I stepped into the car reserved to take me to the airport. interestingly, all private cars that I came across were toyotas; taxis were pink - a fun contrast to the new York yellow. anyhow, my tired eyes closed as I planned to rest on the drive, though I was torn between satisfying my body's desire and taking in my last views of Bankgkok; this time they'd be remarkingly different than upon arriving, as the night sky hampered that which I was able to see. with the sunrise upon Bangkok, I was lured to keep my eyes open and take in the sights before me.

while so doing through slumber-filled eyes, I kept hearing this beeping sound, a rather jarring and distracting noise. faintly familiar, I remember hearing it once from my brother's car when he'd maxed out the speed limit and the car decided to inform him he was going much too fast. my driver was definitely pedal happy. the more frequently he heard the car's participatory noises, the brighter he shone with pride in some competition he was having, comparing this morning's drive with last, or so it seemed. we were like a bullet firing down the highway, making taking in the sights a mission to do at warp speed; they blurred past me through the window like a movie,our he sped up even more they'd become so out of focus they'd resemble graffiti. I didn't notice how fast we were going until the car's incessant interrupting became closer and closer together distracting my focus from the images outside the window shifting it to the traffic ahead. I started becoming slightly anxious, hoping to make it out alive.

upon arriving at the airport, I made a joke to the driver, a clear reflection of my anxiety, and curiosity if he was a race track driver in his spare time. "you like to drive fast!". "he he he��"

with that, I grabbed my bags and took off, happy to be on solid ground again, realizing it wouldn't be for long. I was in an airport, after all, headed for Hawaii, via Taipei, Tokyo, Honolulu, and then I'd finally be in Kona.

I don't mind fast drivers, in fact I prefer them, but I've learned there's a line I don't like crossing. as a non-driver it's kinda tough to put my finger on what it is about styles of driving or the exact something I don't like because I don't know how to operate a car. I now know, I don't want to hear, don't wanna hear it, hear me?! ever again! ����

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