Monday, November 7, 2011

Bangkok by night...

luckily i was able to sleep all the way, practically, after not sleeping the night before leaving, and getting 2 seats to myself for the Vancouver-Tokyo leg.  I then won a deck of cards on the Tokyo-Bangkok flight!  they must have known!!!  :)

to my amazement, both my babies (or suitcases) arrived successfully after leaving my apartment, traveling Vancouver, Tokyo and arriving in Bangkok 26 or 29 hours later.

after clearing customs, i walked into the airport, and the car i asked to pick me up from the airport the night before leaving was dead in front of me with my name.  what more could i have asked for???


butterflies in my tummy!!!  haven't had these since I fell in love with New York back in February in 2000.  back then mum and I were coming to find me a place to live.  wooowie, that was a long time ago now!  i remember it as though it was yesterday, but a lot has happened between now and then, and yes, it has been 11 years.  alas, i am definitely, a New Yorker!!!

boy, oh, boy!  Thailand and Bangkok, more to the point, by night is beautiful and alive!!!  it's about 11:30 at night.  street markets are still blazing, traffic is heavy, tuk-tuks (essentially cars with no doors) fill the streets, scooters weave through traffic like stitching on garments, pedestrians fill the sidewalks and line the streets for food, returning from shopping, drinking, bars or other evening activities.  meanwhile, i have my choice of entertainment to follow on my way to the hotel.  i thought new york was busy, but this is competition.  there is no spare room on the street or sidewalk; everything is chock-a-block.

i could certainly live here.  the energy is frenetic and present.  i'm tempted to go wandering, but think better of it and will wait until daylight breaks.  i am tired, and don't have a clue where i'm headed.  then again, my thinking sways, i could just go straight, my sense of direction isn't bad, i've taken my medication, i won't get lost, just turn around if things look creepy.  hmmm....  i err on the side of safety.  booorrrrring!

i check in to the hotel.  room 207.  a cute room.  but my luggage sits by the doorway.  they say they'll bring it up right away.  i sit in my room and wait....nothing.  i didn't like the idea of waiting.  this is thailand.  what if they put drugs into my luggage?  this is a reputable hotel, but i saw that movie, "brokedown palace" with claire danes.  i'm not risking that shit!  i immediately grab my key and bolt for the elevator.  once down in the lobby i make a b-line for my luggage, sitting calmly and crookedly just as i put it down by the door.  it hasn't been touched, much less blown on.  of course...

i grab my bags - the guys offer to bring it up, but i tell them i've got it.  i take my luggage up to my room, feeling like a complete untrusting north american idiot; who i am, call a spade a spade.  i heave a sigh of relief.  now, email.  head back downstairs and bother them again!  these guys see a lot of my face in the next two days.  : /  check email for the next hour or so, before realizing i can actually call mum and let her know i'm alive.  time-wise i'm confused, thinking home is ahead, not behind, or vice-versa.  until i get an email from a friend verifying what time it is at home, i have no clue how the time change is working.  good thing i didn't go wandering.  i may be a little more out of it than i initially thought!

head upstairs, call mum from the room - OOOPS!  $30 later.  not a smart move.  she finally suggests skype.  well, i did think of that at the computer.  back to the confusion part of me, but didn't think i could do that...ugh - fatigue is definitely setting in!   don't you love how i'm not really with it??  it takes me about half an hour to DOWNLOAD skype onto the hotel computer.  me crafty!  **hee hee**  skype now works.  conversation successful!


i slept again!  this time for about 13 hours, until 1pm the next day.  i told myself it was better to just sleep practically through my first day than to deal with jet lag for the next few days.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!  the bed was UBER comfortable!

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  1. hi lotus,
    love it! i hope to read more soon... maybe even with photos?